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Local Markets

Strong market presence in the semi-urban and rural areas

With a network of over 15,000 outlets where our products are distributed to, the Kiddo brand is continually facing up to its competitors. Over the years, however, the brand has developed a strong dealer relationship by providing innovative marketing and in-store support.

Our products are both distributed locally in West and East Malaysia.

Our understanding of the market and dealer dynamics have served the company well. We are set to benefit from this growth as we continue to achieve new milestones in the near future.

Export Markets

Your needs, your OEM requirements

Currently the company is exporting to various destinations including India, Brunei, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Zanziba, Pakistan, South Africa and Maldives. We have the capability to meet custom-made orders according to your requirements; from the most basic to multi-feature baby diapers with leak guards, breathable cloth-like back sheet, multi-coloured printed back sheet, magic tape as well as elastic waistband.

If you have any query about our products do feel free to contact us. We will be most happy to discuss with you on how to meet your requrements. Email us at We will get back to you as soon as we can.